Win-Win Kung Fu Masters

Director Hesheng Bao
Master Hesheng Bao, Ph.D in Engineering and a Nationally Certified Chinese Martial Arts Judge and Instructor in the US, has been practicing and teaching Chinese martial arts for many years in both China and the United States. Once a college martial arts champion in China, Mr. Bao has made great efforts in promoting Chinese culture in the States by establishing Chinese martial arts classes in the Pittsburgh Chinese School, demonstrating authentic Chinese martial arts in various cultural and community events in the greater Pittsburgh area, and inviting experts from China to introduce authentic and top level Chinese martial arts to the US. Mr. Bao co-promotes Steel City International Chinese Martial Arts Championships, Pittsburgh now while he teaches Tai Chi and Kung Fu at Win-Win Kung Fu Culture Center. Recently Dr. Bao began collaborative efforts with researchers in robotics, medical science, and sports research fields to study the benefits of tai chi practice on human health.

Chen Style Tai Chi Forms (2012)

Tai Chi Straightsword 32 Forms (2012)

Visiting Master Jing Wu
Master Wu is a professional martial artist and head coach of Zhige Wushu. Oliver started Chinese martial arts training since he was 6 years old under the supervision of various well known gold medal coaches in China. He won countless honors from regional, national and internation level competitions. After graduate from college Oliver started his coaching career at the Anhui Zhige Wushu/Kungfu Academy.

Past Masters:
  Liye Zhou (one month)
Meiying Wang (one month)
Wenze Hu (2 years)
Zhonghua Wang (2 years and 6 months)
Wei Zhang Sifu Matthew Schneider
Hongchang Zheng (6 months)
Haiyun Hu (Harry) (1.5 years)
Haiteng Hu (Vincent) (1.5 years)
Wei Liu (Wendy) (6 months)
Lilei Zhang (Lucas) (1 year)
Zugang Zhang (Larry) (3 months)