Happy and Healthy Students

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By 5pm, my energy level is low. 5 days/week I make dinner and usher kids and by 9pm it is lower. But two days/week, I come to Win-Win to regenerate. I leave refreshed and energized, calm and happy. I let go of worries to develop the ancient art form of tai chi. I figure it survived thousands of years probably because it is of great value. I arrive at a quiet and friendly environment . Through patiently positive and effective instruction, I develop balance, coordination and core strength while learning a gentle exercise that is engaging because it is artful. Art is therapeutic; movement is therapeutic. I work hard, and it feels good. I watch my progression toward proficiency with pride. A few months in to my tai chi training, I began to also study kung fu. I am Surprised at the power and decisiveness that I have developed. I like the sense of accomplishment that comes when I display what I have learned at a performance.

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"As an actor I'm always looking for ways to help me stay healthy and in shape. Taking classes at Win-Win Kung Fu has certainly provided these benefits for me. Beyond the health benefits, I'm also always on the search for classes that help me grow in my knowledge of movement and challenge me physically and mentally. I'm thankful for Win-Win as it has provided me with a wealth of experiences that have been such a benefit to my acting and health. "

Sarah Carleton

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We were so happy to find authentic Chinese martial arts here in Pittsburgh. It's a total body workout, and I like to call the adult wushu class my weekly personality reboot. My son loves the Kung Fu Panda class, too - it's pretty much the best way ever to get out all that 4 year old energy.

Thank you Win Win Kung Fu!